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All terms & conditions listed on this policy page can change and be updated
at any time. All changes and updates made to this policy page will take affect
immediately after uploading this policy page to our website.
Site Terms of Use
All people using, viewing, referencing, comparing, browsing through and ordering products from the HW Accessories website accepts all terms and conditions listed on this policy page.
Return Policy and Procedures
All products returned must be in new, undamaged, unused, clean, and in resalable condition. The customer must keep the OEM box and packing materials including all product literature for the first thirty (30) days after delivery, just in case any product(s) need to be returned. DON'T TRASH the OEM box, shipping box, packing materials and product literature. All products returned will be inspected first, to determine if the product(s) are in good and resalable condition, before re-entering into inventory to give a refund. If any product(s) are returned in unsalable condition and not re-inventoried, no refund will be given to the customer.

Return Procedures:

  1. Must put return address label on the outside of the shipping box.
  2. Must write the RA# and/or PO# in black marker, on the outside of the shipping box, near return address label.
  3. Must correctly repack product(s) into the OEM box, into shipping box & packing materials to avoid damages.
  4. Must repack all OEM product literature inside the OEM box with product(s).
  5. Close and tape up OEM box and shipping box.
  6. Mail package(s) back to the address on return address label.

A return authorization number (RA#) is required to be writen on the outside of the shipping box to return products. A purchase order number (PO#) can also be writen on the outside of the shipping box, to return products, if RA# isn't provided. Products returned without an RA# and/or PO# may not be accepted.

All products are returnable for manufacturer mistakes and defects with workmanship, materials and design. HW Accessories follows all manufacturer's and distributor's return policies and procedures.

NO RETURNS accepted with products that are custom made, embroidered, silk screen printed, personalized, special custom, modified custom, special ordered, made from hand traced patterns, with special request, installed, painted or color dyed by customer or a third party, altered, dirty, damaged, used, expired warranty, not returnable and in unsalable condition.

The customer must pay the shipping and handling fees, with any shipping company, to return any product(s), for reasons (1) customer don't want the product(s), (2) customer don't like the product(s), (3) the product(s) is not what the customer expected, and (4) if product(s) are in customer's possession for 30 days and longer time period.

There is a thirty (30) business days return period, to return most products within the first 30 days, after delivery, no later. A 15% restocking fee is charged to the customer returning new products in good, resalable condition, and re-entered into inventory.

Refunds   Top
To request a refund, the customer must submit their request for a refund in writing neatly in print, describing the reason(s) to receive a refund, print full name, PO# and date at bottom, then submit to HW Accessories by email or fax. If HW Accessories don't receive the customer's request for a refund in writting then no refund will be given.

To receive a refund, all returnable products must be in new, unused, clean, undamaged, perfect, resalable condition, correctly repacked in OEM box and packing materials including product literature and receipt, must pass inspection, and must have an RA# and/or PO# written in black marker on the outside of the shipping box. Don't write the RA# and PO# onto the OEM box.

The customer must obey our return policy and procdures to receive a refund.

NO REFUNDS for products that are custom made, special custom made, modified custom made, special ordered, embroidered, personalized, silk screen printed, altered by the customer themselves and any third parties, damaged, dirty, used, unsalable condition, installed, not re-entered into inventory for resale, fail product inspection, customer returned product(s) themselves not obeying our return policy and procedures, customer still has product(s) in their possession, customer refuse to pay shipping cost and waste time returning products, and products returned after 30 days.

There is a thirty (30) buisness days refund period to receive a refund for returned products, no later.

All shipping and handling fees, drop ship fees, freight fees, sales tax, bounce check fee, and 15% restocking fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.

Exchanges   Top
To make an exchange, the customer must provide a letter written neatly in print, briefly describing the product(s) and product name(s) included in the exchange, then print and sign name, then submit to HW Accessories by email or fax. All products exchanged must be in new, clean, undamaged, unused, uninstalled, in resaleable condition, correctly repacked in the OEM box and packing materials, including product literature and receipt. All products exchanged must have an RA# or/and a PO#, written in black marker, on the outside of the shipping box. Manufacturers provide RA#s and HW Accessories provide PO#s. Only universal (non-custom) products can be exchanged for another universal product at a lower, equale, or higher price value, but any remaining dollar amounts could be charged or refunded to the customer. NO EXCHANGES with products that are custom made, embroidered, silk screen printed, personalized, special custom, modified custom, special ordered, made from special, modified and hand traced patterns, made with special requests, installed, fail product inspection, not factory painted or color dyed, altered by customer or third-parties, dirty, damaged, used, expired warranty, not returnable and not in resalable condition. There is a two (2) business days exchange period offered to make an exchange after product is delivered.
Credits   Top
Credits are processed to adjust the item price to subtract and return a small portion of the original item price back to the customer.
Payments, Invoices & Receipts   Top

Credit Card and Debit Card Payments
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards as payment. All orders paid with a credit or debit card will be charged immediately. All credit and debit card information are kept CONFIDENTIAL.

Check and Money Order Payments
It is HW Accessories discretion to accept or decline checks as payment, at any time. The type of checks accepted are personal, business, cashier and certified checks. Money orders are not accepted as payment. If any orders are paid with a check, orders will be held for ten (10) business days from the order date, until payment is received first, paid in full, including all fees, in U.S. Dollars (USD) and deposit payment into a U.S. Bank only. All orders will be released and processed after receiving full payment. If a check bounces and payment isn't received, a $15 bounced check fee plus order total will be charged to the customer, and all orders will be held until payment is received in full, or cancelled on the tenth (10th) business day from the order date. All checks and bank information are kept CONFIDENTIAL.

PayPal Service
We offer the PayPal service to customers that can pay for their order(s) using their PayPal account. The "PayPal Check out Button" is placed in our shopping cart to accept payments from PayPal for orders.   

Wire Transfers and C.O.D Payments
We won't accept electronic wire transfers and cash (C.O.Ds) as payment for orders.

Receipts and Invoices
All online orders placed from our website will receive an e-receipt by email. All orders placed by phone, fax, or mail will receive a receipt by email, fax or mail. Invoices are used to collect payment for orders mostly used by businesses. The customer can request to pay for their order with an invoice. Customers can request a copy of the original invoice or receipt of their recent order(s), at any time. An invoice or receipt can be sent to the customer within 1-3 business days by request.

All credit card, debit card, check and bank information can be used to help collect all unpaid balances, and can be provided to debt collection agencies, attorneys, banks, credit card companies, merchant company and law enforcement officials for legal issues, if necessary.

PCI Compliance   Top
HW Accessories is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant to accept and process all credit and debit card transactions.
Collecting Payments   Top
All unpaid orders must be paid in full immediately. If payment is not received in full immediately, HW Accessories will make four (4) attempts sending payment notices and using all communication methods available, within thirty (30) days, to contact the customer who is obligated to pay the full dollar amount for their unpaid order(s). If the customer fails and refuses to cooperate, make a full payment, provide new credit or debit card information and constantly communicate with HW Accessories about paying for their unpaid order(s), the customer's order information will be given to a debt collection agency and/or to our attorneys to collect the full dollar amount that is past due. The customer must cooperate and maintain constant communication with HW Accessories by phone and/or email about paying for their unpaid order(s) and report the progress when they will pay the full dollar amount that is past due, then the customer's order information won't be given to a debt collection agency and/or to our attorneys for collections. If the customer cannot make the full payment for their unpaid order(s), then HW Accessories can workout a payment plan with the customer bound by a "Payment Agreement" to make monthly payments until the full dollar amount is paid.
Sales Tax   Top
All Maryland orders are charged 6% sales tax. Sales tax is charged to all California orders. All other out of state domestic orders are not charged sales tax.
Warranty   Top
All products are warranted against defects with workmanship, materials and design. Product warranties vary with each product and manufacturer. The warranty will be void if any products are modified, taken apart, misused, altered, soiled and incorrectly installed in any way by the customer themselves, and any third parties. HW Accessories is not liable for any products damaged by carelessness, misuse, incorrect and incomplete installs, by the customer themselves, and any third parties. HW Accessories honor all manufacturer's warranties. Once the product warranty expires, no products will be covered to be repaired, replaced, returned and refunded. All products with lifetime warranties will always be covered to the original buyer only.
Damaged Products   Top
HW Accessories is not liable for any incidental and consequential damages that occur with new products. The customer must report all damaged and defective products immediately to HW Accessories, after delivery. All damaged and defective products must be repacked in the OEM box and packing materials, including product literature and send a copy of the receipt to HW Accessories. Report damaged products by calling 1-888-839-0121 and/or email hwaccessories@yahoo.com.
Prices   Top
All product prices that appear on the HW Accessories website are set prices. If any products are ordered with an old and out dated price, the older price must be updated to the newer price before processing any orders. All prices can change and be updated at any time. All price changes will take affect immediately after uploading the new prices to our website.
Place an Order   Top
Orders can be placed by phone, mail, email (must be a pdf file), fax, or directly from our website. Orders can also be placed, by typing or writing, neatly, in print, all required order information on plain white paper or use Microsoft Word, then send order by email, fax or mail. All order forms must provide the customer's full name, full delivery and billing address, phone #, cell phone #, email, product details, valid payment details, vehicle details, order date, and PO# (your initials & zip code). All order informaion is kept CONFIDENTIAL. All order forms must be completely filled out, readable, neat, in print, sign and print full name and date at the bottom of the order form to properly process and ship out orders. All incomplete and unreadable order forms won't be processed, until all missing order information is provided, verified and corrected. Once an order is placed it is considered an "active order", and will be processed as normal, until the customer provide other instructions how to process the order. Any orders received after 6:00pm (EST) during normal business days, weekends and holidays will be processed on the next operating business day. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards as payment only.

Methods to Placing a Writen Order (select one method):

  1. Write all order information clearly in print on plain white paper, sign, and send.
  2. Type all order information using Microsoft Word, print, sign, and send.
  3. Place an order directly from our website.
Phone Orders: 1-888-839-0121   (9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST)
Mail Orders: Mail Printed Order Form To:
HW Accessories
P.O. Box 1323
Brooklandville, MD 21022
  Allow five (5) business days to respond to mail inquries.  
  Mail is collected weekly during normal business hours.  
Fax Orders: 410-356-2435   (24hr. ordering)
Email Orders: hwaccessories@yahoo.com   (inquires)
Website Orders: www.hwaccessories.com   (24hr. ordering)
Cancel an Order   Top
All order cancellations must be in writing to cancel and close an order. To cancel an order immediately, within the three (3) hour time period after placing an order, the customer must submit their "order cancellation request" to HW Accessories by email or fax, before order is processed to cancel the original order. An order can still be cancelled by phone but must be within the 3 hour time period. The "order cancellation request" must include a brief description, PO# and/or shopper ID # (on e-receipt only) and date. Any orders not cancelled within the 3 hour time period will be processed normally. All custom, modified and special ordered products (view custom items list below) cannot be cancelled once the custom order is processed, entered into production and ship out. All custom orders made from a hand traced pattern or a dimension sheet cannot be cancelled once the order is placed, processed and when production starts. All universal products (non-custom products) and products stocked on shelves can be cancelled immediately, within the 3 hour time period, before order is packaged and ship out. Any orders on backorder and/or not delivered caused by any unexpected issue(s), can be cancelled, by submitting an "order cancellation request" in writing, before order is restocked, made, packaged and ship out. HW Accessories can cancel any order, at any time, for certain reasons, sending a cancellation notice to the customer, and give a refund, if needed.

Custom Products Cannot Cancel:

  • Custom Car Covers
  • Custom Seat Covers
  • Custom Floor Mats
  • Custom Dash Covers
  • Custom Car Bras
  • Custom Sunshields
  • Custom Aluminum Pedals
  • Custom Steering Wheel Covers
  • Custom Rear Seat Protectors (pet)
  • Custom Cargo Area Travel Liners (pet)
  • CoverAll (pet)
  • Ultimate Dog Beds (pet)
  • Licensed Porsche Mats
  • Licensed Ford Mats
  • Licensed Chevrolet Mats
  • Licensed Corvette Mats
  • Licensed Lincoln Mats
  • Licensed Dodge Mats
  • Licensed Cadillac Mats
  • Licensed Jeep Mats
  • Licensed Hummer Mats
  • Licensed Chrysler Mats
  • Licensed SAAB Mats
  • Licensed Military Mats
    Confirmation Notice   Top
    When problems occur, interfere and cause orders not to be processed and delivered for a long period of time, these orders are still considered an "active order", and HW Accessories must know if the customer still want their existing order or not. A confirmation notice is used and sent allowing the customer to decide, reply back and confirm the status of their existing order to "continue processing", "received order" or "cancel order". A confirmation notice helps prevent processing a customer's existing order, that the customer don't want anymore and avoid unnecessary charging, shipping, returns, refunds, wasting time, wasting product and materials. The customer must reply back and confirm the status of their existing order immediately after receiving a confirmation notice or the order will be processed as normal.
    Shipping Policy & Services   Top
    HW Accessories use UPS and USPS shipping services to ship out certain orders. All other orders are delivered by one of the following shipping companies UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL or Freight Company. A tracking number is provided with all orders. A valid and physical mailing address must be provided with all orders or orders can't be processed and delivered. Standard ground delivery service is used to deliver all orders, unless the customer choose a rush shipping service (2nd day, 3rd day, overnight). Each delivery service offer different time periods. We are not liable for any orders lost, damaged, delivered late, and misdelivered while in the possession of the shipping company, during transit and delivery. All orders incur shipping and handling fees and a drop ship fee (if any apply). All shipping fees are provided, controlled and vary with each shipping company. NO hidden shipping fees are added to orders. If any changes, adjustments, incorrect, and missing shipping fees occur on any order, the customer will be contacted and sent a "Shipping Notice", to reply and confirm the new shipping fees before order is processed. To report delivery issues immediately after delivery, contact HW Accessories at 1-888-839-0121 or hwaccessories@yahoo.com, or the shipping company directly who delivered your package(s).
    All shipping services that are offered are listed below.
    UPS Domestic Shipping Services
    USPS Domestic Shipping Services
    UPS Ground
    UPS Next Day Air
    UPS Next Day Air Saver
    UPS Next Day Air Early A.M.
    UPS 2nd Day Air
    UPS 2nd Day A.M.
    UPS 3 Day Select
    USPS Express Mail Service (next day delivery)
    USPS Priority Mail Service (1-3 days delivery)
    International Orders   Top
    It is HW Accessories discretion to accept or decline international orders. HW Accessories might consider accepting and processing international orders, only if any associated companies are willing to ship the order directly to any international locations for us. We won't return and respond to international phone calls, voice and fax messages, except by email only. If any international orders are accepted, the ordering, payment, warranty and return guidelines will be explained at the time the order is placed. All orders accepted will receive a receipt. All international order information is kept CONFIDENTIAL.
    Domestic Orders   Top
    All U.S. orders are accepted and processed immediately. HW Accessories will respond to all domestic phone calls, voice, email and fax messages, and mail inquires to U.S. customers within five (5) business days or sooner. All domestic order information is kept CONFIDENTIAL.
    Secure Orders   Top
    All submitted online transactions from the HW Accessories LLC website are stored on a secure server (SSL and certified). The order information is accessible only to HW Accessories through a password protected environment. Once the order information has been accessed it is deleted and destroyed on the server completely. We never transmit your order information via Email. Once the credit card information has been processed we destroy all record of the personal and credit card information (data) that has been collected on the server to maintain its security.
    Privacy Policy   Top
    HW Accessories protects all of our customer's identity by keeping their personal, business, order, payment, bank, product, and vehicle information CONFIDENTIAL. HW Accessories will never sell, share and trade our customer's personal and order information to any third-party companies. The customer's personal and order information will only be provided to legitimate, reputable and authorized, third-party companies to process, make and deliver orders. The customer's personal and order information can also be used for disputes, chargebacks, legal issues, refunds, returns, cancellations, collections, reorders, exchanges, payment issues, communicate directly to customer, authorize and charge credit and debit cards. The customer's personal and order information can also be provided to credit card companies, banks, merchant company (card processing), debt collection agencies, courts, attorneys and law enforcement officals, if necessary. We never reuse the customer's personal and order information wihtout the customer's consent. The customer's personal and order information is used to benefit the customer only and NEVER misused.
    Website Content     Top
    HW Accessories LLC has agreements with reputable companies that give us permission and the right to use all content provided by all companies. It is strickly prohibited to copy, cut, save, save as, save picture as, transfer, duplicate, edit, modify, reproduce, take, and steal content off our website. All content displayed on our website are images and pictures, text descriptions, links, audio recordings, videos, company names and logos, product names and logos, banners, email and website links, background images, trade marks (©, ®, ™), disclaimer notices, slide shows, animations, flash shows, website pages and code, shopping cart pages and code, all website and page features, all programming languages, all secure pages and code, McAfee Hacker Safe logo, all credibility logos (BBB, eTrust, etc.), credit card content and information, and all other content. HW Accessories owns certain images and pictures that is marked with a transparent image of our business name "HW Accessories" placed, diagnolly, across all of our images and pictures to prevent illegal coping, protect our content from illegal use, and provide the proper indentity of legal ownership that HW Accessories owns the content.

    Special Orders    Top
    Certain products that are not stocked in our inventory can be special ordered. The term "Special Ordered" means a product must be ordered with a special order agreement. The customer must know exactly which product they want to special order. Once a special order agreement is processed, the customer owns the product. The customer must completely fill out, sign and submit a "Special Order Agreement" to place a special order with HW Accessories. All incomplete special order agreements won't be processed, until all missing order information is provided, corrected and confirmed. The special order agreement is a PDF document (Adobe Acrobat required) that can be submitted by mail, fax or email. The "Special Order Agreement" button is located on certain product pages, on our website, near the item. Special ordered products can be returned for manufacturer defects with the product that is covered under warranty ONLY. All special ordered products cannot be returned, refunded, cancelled or exchanged. HW Accessories will not accept special ordered products to be returned. The customer must report all damaged and defective special ordered products to HW Accessories immediately. All pricing, shipping fees, and warranties vary with each special ordered product. View the products list below that require a special order agreement.
    Advertising   Top
    HW Accesories advertises only the quality products we sell from our website. HW Accessories has permission and agreements with companies to use all product content to properly represent all products only. All quality products advertised on our website are from the most popular and reputable companies in the auto and pet industries. All product content displayed on our website and in all of our advertisements provide the most accurate and up to date information about products and special offers. All product content on our website is used for ADVERTISING PURPOSES ONLY and NOT FOR DISTIBUTION. ALL PRODUCT CONTENT is prohibited from be removed, taken, and stolen off of our website, for illegal use. We never permit third party companies to place their advertisements on our website to sell third party services and products.
    Business to Business   Top
    HW Accessories does business with lots of reputable companies. ALL COMPANIES MUST USE our B2B phone number "410-902-9770" and email "hwaccessories@yahoo.com" to contact HW Accessories for all business use and inquiries ONLY. DON'T USE our toll free phone number for business use and inquiries.
    Exchange Link Placement   Top
    HW Accessories WON'T accept any exchange link requests from other businesses and websites.
    Replacement Product Parts   Top
    Replacement parts are available for certain products listed below. Replacement parts can be ordered to replace broken product parts as long as the parts are available for ordering. The warranty, price and shipping fees vary with each replacement part and manufacturer. To order replacement parts, the customer must contact HW Accessories by email, phone or fax. Replacement parts cannot be returned, refunded, exchanged and cancelled, so the customer must make sure and know exactly which part(s) need to be ordered. The customer owns the parts they order.

    Replacement Parts For:

  • Kreepster
  • Kreepstool
  • Pro Rack
  • Pro Guard Rack
  • Steel Bulkhead Barriers
  • Tonneau Covers
  • Ultimate Aluminum Hose Nozzle
  • Ultimate Stainless Steel Hose Nozzle
  • Vertical Door Kits
  • Vehicle Tents
    Site Terms of Use
    All people using, viewing, referencing, comparing, browsing through and ordering products from the HW Accessories website accepts all terms and conditions listed on this policy page.
    All terms & conditions listed on this policy page can change and be updated
    at any time. All changes and updates made to this policy page will take affect
    immediately after uploading this policy page to our website.


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