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Kiwi Garage Floor Tiles
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These garage tiles are clean, in new and perfect condition, but were used one time at a car show. The 436 tiles are sold as a set include floor tiles, ramp edge tiles, and no corner tiles. Each tile has a solid face and a diamond grip pattern in the surface. Tiles are red and grey. Kiwi flooring tiles are designed to dress up and improve the appearance of any garage floor. Kiwi Tiles are made from high impact polypropylene, a very strong, resistant, durable, non-conductive plastic can be recycled. Tiles interlock together with male and female tabs to secure in place. There are 438 plastic supporting legs on the bottom of each tile allow drainage and provide strength to support the weight of vehicles. Tiles have some flexibility to cushion your feet when standing, walking or working. Cut tiles to any size and shape.

Reg. Price: $1238.95 Special Price: $800.95. Shipping fees apply.

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